We offer both moose and bear hunts. As new owners, we were promoting the fishing as #1 as there are a limited number of moose licenses for our zone and they have to be applied for. If you are interested in a moose hunt, we will apply for one for you with a deposit of $1,000.00 and hopefully will be successful. Of course, if we are not, you will receive a complete refund. We have seen some nice moose so we suspect that there are quite a few in the area. Fishermen have returned to camp and have told us they have seen moose.


Bears at Close Lake are numerous and we have all the colours - black, cinnamon and blond. We place the baits near the creeks coming into the lake. We had our first bear hunters in the spring of '99. One of the first hunters took his 6th bear - a cinnamon - the largest bear he had ever taken. One of the other guys in the party took his 20th bear — the 2nd largest he had ever taken. In 2000, we had no bear hunters in camp, but we set up 2 baits for our own enjoyment. There were for sure 11 different bears coming into the 2 baited areas. There may have been more, but some bears are hard to tell apart if there are no markings.