Our 14' deep-V Lund boats teamed up with their 15 HP Johnson motors are a perfect combination for our smaller body of water. These motors have to work a long day to burn up 5 gallons of gas. There is a map of the lake in each of our boats so you can see exactly where you are at all times when you are out on the water.


Everyone has a favorite hook so bring yours along, but we do have a good supply of tackle and if you should happen to throw your rod overboard as I have done myself (in fact, twice) we will have another one in camp that you can buy or borrow.

Fishing Limits

You are allowed to take out the following limits per species:

Northern Pike 4
Walleye 3
Lake Trout 3
Arctic Grayling 2

But most fishermen who come to the lake practice catch and release. They want to see their kids catching fish when they grow up too.